Bean Bags and Monster Saks

Many shoppers don’t understand that there is a monsterous difference between bean bags and Monster Saks. Some travel all the way to our store expecting to buy a small, rinky dink bean bag and are pleasantly surprised to find a much superior product in a Monster Sak. While bean bag chairs were a great invention, Monster Saks are on a whole new level and offer much more size, quality, and comfort for today’s shoppers. This isn’t your granny’s bean bag! Monster Sak is a comfy beast for you and whoever you decide to share the space with.

For starters, bean bags are about half the size of our smallest Monster Sak. When you’re thinking about bean bags, and you take a look at our 8′ Monster, it will BLOW YOUR MIND! Bigger is always better…especially when talking about comfort. Our smallest sak is perfect for one adult or a kid or two or three or four. Our medium size Monster Sak takes up about as much room as a loveseat, but it offers about three times more sitting space (not to mention the cover is removable and washable). Our largest Monster Sak will put your couch to shame – it’s about as long as a sofa and almost twice as wide. The great thing about our oval shape is that you can always turn a Monster Sak up on end and stick it in a corner where it won’t take up half as much floor space. Bean bags simply can’t compete when it comes to the size of a Monster Sak foam bag.

Bean bags are filled with styrofoam pellets that go flat and need to be refilled about every six to twelve months if being used regularly. Styrofoam pellets are just not very comfortable to begin with. And, when your bean bag breaks like so many do, that styrofoam creates one crazy mess to clean up! With premium fill Monster Saks that are loaded with therapeutic mattress foam and fluffy cotton, there simply is no higher level of comfort in existence. Monster Saks won’t go flat in your lifetime, so they won’t need to be refilled. The comfort and durability of a foam bag over a bean bag is well worth the extra investment.

Finally, bean bag covers are nothing to get excited about. They are typically one cover with no inner liner, and the cover is usually a cheap vinyl. One of the largest factors in comfort is how quickly air can go out or back in through a cover. If the air can’t escape quickly through a vinyl material, the bag feels hard when you plop on to it, and when it can’t suck back into the bag after you get off it, the bean bag doesn’t refluff very easily. Monster Saks have stronger, more breathable covers with triple stiched seams using an industrial strength nylon upholstery thread and extra strength zippers that are guaranteed to withstand years of use. Monster Sak covers are thicker, softer, and more durable than bean bag covers, and we also offer an inner liner that will hold all your foam together if you want to remove the outer cover and wash it.

Now that you know the difference between Monster Saks and bean bags, you will understand why your back side will never be happy on a bean bag again. For a little more money, you can own a Monster Sak that will be much bigger, more comfortable, and more durable. Bean bags only still exist, because there are still people who just don’t know about Monster Saks.