Price Comparison

The big question you’re asking yourself…”If Monster Saks are sooo nice, how can the price be this low???”

Well, the honest-to-goodness truth is this: other companies spend much less on a lower quality bag and charge an astronomical mark up on their product (as much as 1000% in some cases).

We put a lot more money into the making of a Monster Sak and charge an honest mark up on them so YOU can have comfort at a fair price. It’s as simple as that.

It might be hard to believe, but our product IS the best and if you’re willing to pay our competitors’ prices then you should be willing to pay even higher prices for a Monster Sak…but we don’t think that’s necessary.

Their Foam Fill

There are a couple of manufacturers out there that are able to beat our prices, but they aren’t even close to beating our values. Check out what they fill their bags with (pictured at right). This is a sample from one of our most popular online competitors. We like to buy competitor products to ensure that we are offering the best quality at the most affordable prices possible. What you see to the right is a mixture of about 25% plastic/styrofoam that will break down quickly, 25% stiff foam that’s not comfortable, 10% good foam, 20% quilt batting, and 20% mattress ticking (the cotton twill fabric sewn on to mattresses – not foam at all). While we give this company a B+ rating on their covers, the filler material is laughable…and comfort/quality of the overall product is directly related to the filler material.

If you’ve found a better price than Monster Sak, we can guarantee that you’ve found a lower value.

Please note that the comparison of Monster Sak prices on this chart refer to our oval shaped Saks, and the Lovesac prices are for the only shape they offer, which is round.

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