We get a lot of shoppers who have been tempted to buy a LoveSac® but can’t bring themselves to pay the astronomical prices they charge. If you’re one of those guys, consider yourself lucky that you have found Monster Sak, because we offer a better product at a fraction of the price!

Lovesac was one of the first to take a boring ol’ bean bag and turn it into a huge foam bag. Instead of polystyrene foam pellets that go flat, foam bags are usually filled with a more comfortable and more durable polyurethane foam. While bean bags are typically small, need to be refilled every 6 months to a year, and tend to bust open and leak, Monster Saks are the opposite in every sense of the word. Lovesac pioneered the evolution of boring and small bean bags to oversize foam bags, and Monster Sak has PERFECTED it.

Feel free to compare prices…you will find that Love Sac charges two to four times more money for a similar product. We know it’s difficult to believe, but Monster Saks are truely a higher quality and more comfortable product that you don’t have to pay as much for. We use a higher density therapeutic mattress foam, and we shred it into smaller pieces than LoveSac does so that you don’t experience the lumpiness when sitting on a Sak. Love sacs are comfortable for sure, but you definitely feel those big chunks of foam sticking out everywhere. By eliminating this issue within a Monster Sak, we have customers who are much happier with their products, and they didn’t have to pay near as much for it. Plus, we are the only manufacturer on the market that offers Cloud Stuff premium fill – a mixture of high density mattress foam with a synthetic, non allergenic cotton that makes for the most heavenly comfort on the planet.

Don’t believe us when we say Monster Saks are more comfortable and higher quality? We will gladly compare saks side by side any time, any day to prove that we simply offer a better bean bag than any other company. We’ve already done several comparison tests where thousands of people were surveyed to see which Sak they prefered when Monster Sak was sitting next to the leading brands, and over 99% said they liked Monster Saks more! That kind of number is unbelievable even for us, but it’s the honest-to-goodness truth. We buy competitor samples from time to time to evaluate them, and it is darn near impossible to sell them when people can compare them to a Monster Sak in our store.

Lovesac offers a great product. We offer a better product, AND we save you hundreds upon hundreds of your hard-earned dollars. Don’t let the price tag fool you. You’d have to be clinically insane to compare our brand side by side with Love Sac and opt to pay up to $1000 more for something other than a Monster Sak.

Lovesac is a registered trademark of Sac Acquisitions and is in no way affiliated with Monster Sak.

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