Monstersak, the LoveSac Alternative

Monstersak proves itself to be an excellent Lovesac ™ alternative without sacrificing quality or comfort.

Look at a price comparison of MonsterSak vs LoveSac! It’s Really a No Brainer!

The 5′ Footers Monstersak- Relax Sak$549 Love sac- Movie Sac$800 Save 42%
The 6′ Footers Monstersak- Macksak$675 Love sac- Super Sac$950 Save 30%
The 8′ Footers Montersak- The MONSTER$875 Love sac- The Big One$1250 Save 30%
Pillow Bags Monstersak- Pillow sak Love sac- Pillow Sac$550 Save 362%
Chairs Monstersak- Arm Chair Love sac- Gamer Sac$350 Save 180%


Integrity is Important to Us!

Finding the best place to buy quality Lovesac™ alternative furniture is a hard task. There are numerous oversized bean bag manufactures, retailers and sellers, but how do you know who to buy from?  It is recommended to know the sellers before buying from them.  It is important to know that reputable business people answer all queries and satisfy the customers instead of pressuring them into buying.

Many competitors offering an oversized bean bag chair are not manufacturers, but instead just an online store where they order from a manufacturer like us, and you pay middle man mark up prices.

We call them “drop-shippers,” and they never even see your product. Monstersak makes sure when you are buying your Love Sac™ alternative furniture that you have access to quality customer service. We want you to be happy with your bean bag purchase, and with your experience as a whole. At Monstersak, we answer all your questions, discuss your options, listen to concerns and so much more. Another important aspect about buying Love Sac alternative furniture is making sure that you get an amazing product along with an amazing price. We offer a one year warranty on all Monster Saks. This ensures that you have the greatest ease of mind when you are shopping for your Love Sac alternative furniture and end up with exactly what you want. If there is a defect in the manufacturing during for the first year we will fix it or exchange it for free.


Comfort of a LoveSac vs Monster Sak

The most important feature of a Lovesac alternative furniture piece is the filler material. Bean bag chairs have come a long way since first being filled with small styrofoam pellets. Monstersak uses high quality, therapeutic mattress foam and mixes it with a non-allergenic, synthetic cotton. This makes every oversized bean bag softer, lighter, and less lumpy. So what are the other guys using in their bean bag chairs? They mostly use sofa scrap or even carpet foam. If you wanted to sit on carpet foam, why not just sit on the floor? The difference is Monstersak is a manufacturer of a product that is superior in comfort to what Lovesac offers, because we can completely control the quality of the filler going into our comfortable sacks. Our premium fill combination of foam and cotton is mixed in a way that the cotton will not matt down and go flat. We also take the time to shred our pieces smaller so they fluff easier and feel less lumpy. We guarantee that bags will not break or go flat. Often times, people are amazed how comfortable, yet supportive this unique type of furniture feels when they relax on one.


Quality of the LoveSac vs Monster Sak

Aside from obviously being the most comfortable Love Sac alternative furniture, we also make sure that the bags are durable, and meant to last. Every bag is double stitched with industrial strength thread. This ensures that they will resist tears and rips, even with kids jumping on them. This also calls for a hefty easy-zip zipper. The extra-long zipper for the covers allow you to remove the cover and wash it with ease. Our monster sized bean bags have microsuede or microvelvet covers. This material is great because it is very soft, durable, machine washable, and stain resistant. It makes the perfect cover for your Lovesac alternative furniture. While microsuede is awesome if you are worried about pets or kids, our microvelvet bean bag cover is for luxurious comfort and superior durability. Choose from our selection of different colored bean bag covers. Do you find yourself gravitating towards certain colors? It would be smart to consider them, because your favorite colors tend to make you feel comfortable and happy.



Like LoveSac™ bean bags, Monster Saks are big enough for several people. The real question is how close they want to sit together, and how big are the people. Take a look at our table to find out what best suits you.

Relaxsak- 5’ Perfect for 1 person to recline back onORPlenty big for 2 people to cuddle up on to watch a movie Approximately 54 x 42 x 30 inches oval 60 x 60 x 38 inches round
Macksak- 6’ Because of the oval shape, the Macksak can be turned sideways to be a couch or turned the other way to use as a recliner or bed. As a couch, 2-4 adults can comfortably fit.When turned as a recliner it’s perfect for 1, 2 or even 3 people to fit on , laying down Approximately72 x 54 x 32 inches oval 72 x 72 x 40 inches round
The 8’ MONSTER It’s about the length of a full-size couch and 1.5 to 2 times as wide.  Fits 3-5 adults Approximately90 x 72 x 38 inches oval90 x 90 x 46 inches round
Pillowsak  Fits 1-2 adults 66 x 48 x 24 inches
Monstersak Arm Chair This lounger is ideal for gamers, readers, and those who like to sit up with a little back support.  Fits 1 adults 36 x 36 x 36 inches

Lovesac™ is a registered trademark of Sac Acquisitions and is in no way affiliated with Monster Sak.