It’s movie time! The armchair is the most comfortable seat in the house, but it doesn’t have room for two and you want to cuddle with your significant other. The couch is great for doing homework or having conversation but it doesn’t recline like the armchair. A bean bag or foam sack would be perfect, but they are so expensive. Well, sit back and relax, because MonsterSak has a solution to your furniture and cuddle conundrum.

MonsterSak’s Texas based furniture company makes foam sacks that are more comfortable than a LoveSac but at a price four and a half times less. At MonsterSak we cut out the middleman, and you pocket the savings. Many other bean bag and foam sack sellers are simply middlemen who buy beanbags from a manufacturer and mark up the price, but at MonsterSak, We are the manufacturer.

Even though we cost less than other foam sack sellers, our MonsterSaks are actually more comfortable. Many of the other LoveSac alternatives are cheap knockoffs that don’t provide the same quality and comfort. They use mostly sofa scraps and carpet foam. We feel that if you wanted to sit on the carpet you would not need a foam sack in the first place.

Our MonsterSak’s are made with high quality therapeutic mattress foam and mixed with hypo allergenic synthetic cotton. Our customers tell us that MonsterSaks are more comfortable than LoveSacs or any other LoveSac alternative they have tried. At MonsterSak, we’ll take a product that is both better and cheaper over one that is expensive and less comfortable every time.

What are you waiting for? At MonsterSak you can order straight from our production room and 99 percent of our orders are shipped the same or following business day. Order a MonsterSak today for your date on Friday and you two can watch a movie together in comfort.

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