The most important factor in comfort is the filling used in these sacks…that’s why bean bags are a thing of the past! Cover material can help, but if you don’t pay attention to the filler you are purchasing, you could very well regret it. Read on to see why we’re way different from the rest!

We are the one and only, exclusive manufacturer of filler. Far superior to foam alone and unbelievably softer. The ultimate generation of comfort!!!

What exactly is CLOUD-STUFF filler? If we gave the complete recipe on our website, then we definitely wouldn’t be the exclusive manufacturers of it. We can tell you that we use shredded mattress foam (much nicer foam than the sofa scrap our competitors use) plus other polyester fibers that are made to simulate down feathers and fluffy cotton. Yes, Monster Saks are softer than the pillows on your bed!!! Imagine the luxury of a huge down feather bed and you’ll be in the neighborhood of understanding what a Monster Sak really is.

The Monster Sak consists of the highest quality outer covers and the softest CLOUD-STUFF filling that is available. We’ve tested several different types of filler and innovated a mixture of what provides the best & softest feel. Yes, leading brand names are selling you a sack full of inferior quality filler at outrageous prices. Monster saks are stuffed with plush, therapeutic materials that are much better than the carpet foam or sofa scrap our competitors use! Guaranteed to be extremely softer than leading brand names. You’ll feel like you’re lounging on clouds. 100% of our store customers agree that Monster Sak is the softest they’ve sat on.

Our covers are also top of the line quality. Whether you go with the popular microsuede or choose our fluffy-feel microplush material, we guarantee you’ll sigh with pleasure as you sink into your Monster Sak. Our favorite is the microplush that you will only find with our company. We’ve heard nothing but “wow” from all who have sat on it.

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