To start, we believe in being respectful and fair to our competition, and there have always been certain lines in our industry that competitors do not cross. One of those lines is that you can talk about how great your own product is all you want, but when you target a competitor by name with false and demeaning comments, you’re really just being shady and disrespectful. Price comparison by brand is one thing (as long as you’re comparing apples to apples, which isn’t always the case), but creating a list of invented details about another brand is unethical. This page is a rebuttal to Comfy Sack’s misleading and disrespectful comparison page they posted about Monster Saks. When we called the owner and asked that he remove the incorrect and insulting comments, he responded that he thought they were funny and failed to correct or remove anything. It’s unfortunate that we have to point out their mistakes and shortcomings (leaving their mispellings and poor grammar alone). We really have no choice but to defend our brand and let shoppers know the truth. Honestly, we hate the negativity, but when backed into a corner, we will respond in an effort to protect customers. See the chart below for detailed explanations of an accurate and honest Monster Sak vs Comfy Sacks™comparison.

Price Comparison

Point #1 you need to know*: It does not appear that Comfy Sack is a manufacturer of foam bags. They are simply a middle man with a fancy website…actually, that should be website(s) plural as the owner of Comfy Sack started at least one other website called While their offices are in St Louis, MO their principal supplier is based in Murray, Utah* (see their shipping map), and naturally, with Comfy Sack or Sack Daddy you are paying a higher middle man mark-up price than you would if purchasing directly from a manufacturer like Monster Sak. Several foam bag websites buy from this same manufacturer – check out the similarities of other foam bag companies, which are totally separate and owned by different people. Yes, several really do share the exact same pictures of the exact same products with the same models and everything. It would be nice to make this easy for you and give you specific websites for comparisons, but we respect the other competitors enough to leave their names out of it. Most importantly, dropshippers don’t even see or touch your product to ensure quality control when it ships out. We make sure every Monster Sak is made to perfection as we manufacture our own products! Many drop-ship type websites in the past have made promises and warranties they didn’t want to keep, so they just shut down one website and immediately started another one under the guise of a different name leaving their customers believing that they had gone out of business. (Since we’ve published this, Comfy Sacks has removed the shared photographs and added more material options so that a customer can no longer see that they have the exact same products as other websites mentioned – they most likely have multiple cover suppliers that enabled them to vary the options, but as of 7/14/2012, we visited their supplier in Murray, UT and verified that Comfy Sacks along with several other websites are dropshipping from the same supplier).

Point #2 you should consider: Honesty! How important is the integrity of the company you buy from? Who cares if they offer to bend over backwards with warranty issues years down the road if there are hints of dishonesty and deception plastered all over their marketing efforts today? Not to mention the numerous lies and opinions-stated-as-facts on the comparison pages they have created against their competitors, there are also some misleading marketing techniques you should be wary of. Just check out the photoshopped sack pictures at or look up Comfy Sack on Ebay (remember that comfy sacks and sack daddy are one in the same…although, they probably don’t want you to know that). Doesn’t it seem strange to take the same picture of a blonde girl and superimpose it on pictures of all your sacks making the girl look like she is 4’ tall and the sacks appear much larger than they actually are in real life?! It’s quite the illusion that a casual shopper might not catch on to. Also, be aware that Comfy Sack likes to take bits and pieces of competitor information, twist it up a little, and compare it to a lower priced version of a completely different product they’re marketing to make you think you’re getting a better deal. The size and shape differences really make true comparisons very complicated when you go from one brand to another – our 8’ oval is different from their 7.5’ lounger, their 6’ round is different from our 6’ round. Although Comfy Sack will take the dimensions of our 5’ oval with the price of our 5’ round and compare it to the promotional price of their 5’ whatever while neglecting to mention our free shipping promotions, we trust that you will look close enough to see that our values can’t be beat. Be very careful when looking at the prices one competitor says another one is charging as they are sometimes exaggerated, wrong, or misleading. We have one word for that – dishonesty!

Point #3 to know: Premium fill Monster Saks are without a doubt superior in quality and lower on price. Comfy Sack tried to knock our premium fill Monster Saks by saying our cotton was just a cheap filler material. In reality, cotton costs over FIVE TIMES more than the foam that is put into these sacks. It is anything but cheap! If they had any idea about actual manufacturing, they would know this, but again, they are a drop-ship website. In the end, you cannot deny the numbers. When 99% of thousands upon thousands of people sit on a premium fill sak compared right next to a standard fill sak and say they like the premium fill more, you better believe that there’s a reason. Unlike cotton pillows, our premium fill combination of foam and cotton is mixed in a way that the cotton will not matt and go flat as Comfy Sack ignorantly claims. The 7.5′ Comfy Sack we bought for comparison was placed on our retail floor to sell and get out of the way…we’ll spare you the details of how long it took and how cheap we had to go, because it would probably sound like we weren’t trying to sell it, but let’s just say that we are 100% confident that Monster Saks are far and away what customers will prefer when side by side with any other brand.

#4 Point to consider: Comfy Sack charges extra for expedited 48 hour shipping. We at Monster Sak offer next day or even same day shipping free of charge. We can do this, because we are the manufacturer. Comfy Sack cannot, because they have nothing to do with the making and shipping of their products*. Even paying an extra $19 for Comfy Sack’s quick ship program, we still ship out our Monster Saks twice as fast. If you don’t pay them extra for the expedited shipping service that should be free, you can expect to wait up to five days for your order to ship out. We have two words for that – rip off!

#5 point to think about: Quality – Comfy Sack loves to use the word “cheap” when referring to just about any competitor they compare themselves to. They’ll say one brand has cheap filler while another brand has cheap whatever. It’s a bit ironic that they state their opinions as fact when the thickness of their microsuede covers is something to worry about. Of all the foam bags available on the market today, there is only one that we’ve seen with a thinner microsuede cover than what Comfy Sack offers. In other words, their covers aren’t the worst quality we’ve seen, but the Comfy Sack we bought for an actual side by side comparison against Monster Saks will certainly need that 3 year warranty they’re so proud of over there. It could’ve been a fluke that the cover we received from Comfy Sacks was so disappointing. Surely, most of their cover materials are better than what we were sold. While there’s no consistency to the foam particle size in a Comfy Sack, which leads to a certain level of lumpiness, there’s not really anything bad to say about their filler material. It’s definitely not as comfortable as our standard fill option due mostly to our ability to shred our own foam into consistently smaller foam particles. That’s just another reason to buy straight from a manufacturer that can control the quality of its own products!

*Disclaimer: We acknowledge the possibility that Comfy Sacks’ products may not all come from the same Utah manufacturer. We are certain that as of April 2012 many of Comfy Sacks’ products are shipping from a manufacturer that we are familiar with in Murray, UT as indicated by the shipping map on and the Fedex label affixed to products shipped by Comfy Sacks. While we believe it is very unlikely Comfy Sacks is making any of its products, we cannot omit the possibility that we are partially mistaken.

Comfy Sacks™ is a registered trademark of Comfy Sacks, LLC and is in no way affiliated with Monster Sak.

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