MonsterSak MACKSACK - Size 6

$719.00   $249.00

MonsterSak MONSTER - Size 8

$1,069.00   $399.00

MonsterSak RELAXSAK - Size 5

$539.00   $185.00


$719.00   $325.00

MonsterSak Premium MONSTER - 8 - FREE SHIPPING

$1,069.00   $499.00


$1,078.00   $399.00

PLEASE NOTE THAT NEXT DAY SHIPPING IS NOT A GUARANTEE FOR ORDERS PLACED FRIDAY THROUGH SUNDAY OR DURING CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS. AT TIMES, THERE ARE TOO MANY ORDERS OVER THE WEEKEND TO ENSURE A MONDAY SHIPMENT. Monster Saks’ price, quality, comfort, and durability surpass every other foam bag on the market. While our prices are two-thirds less than the other brands, this doesn’t mean that we cut corners in terms of quality. Lovesac for example is a great competitor, but we offer a better product for a fraction of the cost!

The filling of a bag is the most important feature of foam furniture, and our bags are filled with a high-grade foam that is far more comfortable than the scrap foam or carpet pad used by competitors. Our premium fill bags are even more plush because we mix our foam with pillow-soft cotton. Our premium fill features a synthetic, non allergenic cotton called polyester fiber (the exact same material most pillows are stuffed with). Monster Saks maintain their luxurious softness and shape longer because they are easier to fluff than any other brand.

While comfort is crucial, foam bags also need to last. Monster Saks are designed to do just that with their double stitched seams, industrial zippers, and microsuede/microplush fabrics. Our covers are easy to clean and are even machine washable.

We are so confident that you will love your Monster Sak that we offer a 12-month warranty against defects. But don’t just take our word for it, click the testimonials tab to read about real customers who are thrilled with their Monster Saks!

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